Do I have to be a professional model to apply? No. If you have modeling experience that’s great, but most of our models are first time models or have limited modeling experience. The main thing is that you are able to follow instructions, stay hard, and eventually get off in front of a camera.

Who sees my photos and videos? Photos and videos from these sessions may go on our website where paid subscribers can view them. Additionally, we may decide to produce print copies of these photos, calendars, posters, photo books, and so forth to sell. Most video from these sessions will eventually go to DVD and / or a digital download site for adult videos. Our customers are typically women and men who are interested in seeing attractive men get off or being gotten off.

If I’m straight, will I be expected to do gay scenes with a guy? If I’m gay, will I be expected to do straight scenes with a woman? No. We won’t require you to model for any type scenes that you don’t feel comfortable with, though we do encourage you to push the limits of your comfort zone. Your willingness to model for a variety of scenes does increase your chances of being selected and hired again for future sets. Our most popular adult / erotic option are solo jerk off scenes.

What other types of photo/video sessions do you do and what other types of work can you offer me? We also do clothed athletic, swimsuit, and undergear photo sessions and sometimes artistic non-sexual nude sets, though these do not pay as much as the adult /erotic sessions. We also have a “rent-a-stud” program where customers can rent out some of our models for things like birthday and bachelorette parties, for dates, as male personal assistants and concierges, and for non-sexual companionship. The rent-a-stud option can provide more steady work than modeling alone. If you are interested in any of these options, be sure to let us know as they require additional questionnaires to help match you with appropriate jobs.

How much can I expect to make modeling for you? We pay per photo / video session rather than by the hour. A typical photo / video session lasts anywhere from one to two hours, though most average about an hour and a half (excluding any travel or set up time). We have a sliding scale that factors in such things as previous adult modeling experience, your overall look, and the types of scenes you’re available for. Typical pay is anywhere from $80 for a simple nude photo shoot to $150 for hardcore fetish scenes. Most models get paid somewhere in the middle of this range. If we like you and you work well with us, we may even bring you back for future modeling opportunities. If you’re interested in any of the opportunities listed in FAQ #4, let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

Can I receive copies of photos / video from my session to use in my portfolio or for personal use? Sure you can. We can provide you with digital copies of photos from your session that you can use for your portfolio or personal use.

Do I get to do any sex scenes with another person? Most of our current sessions are solo jack off sessions, though we wouldn’t rule out the possibility. Much depends on the number of available models at any given time.

What can I expect when I come in to do a photo / video session? The session usually takes place either in my home studio or in a hotel room. I’ll let you know ahead of time where to meet. Once there, the first thing I’ll do is have you fill out a model release form and we’ll need a valid ID to keep on file as proof that you’re over 18. It’s the law! Usually we’ll have a slide sheet or outline of poses and scenes we’d like to shoot and our photographer will direct you and take the photos / video. Usually we’ll get a handful of still photos before we move on to video. We also encourage creative license by both the photographer and the model. Once the photographer is satisfied with the quality and quantity of photos / video taken you’ll be paid in cash.

How do I know you’re not some creep with a camera? You don’t, but I’m not. I treat models with respect and never force anyone to do a scene they are uncomfortable with. I have a business license and can provide this and personal references on request. You can also see some of my work on my websites and online portfolio

What if I can’t get off in front of the camera? It’s unfortunate, but it does happen sometimes. We suggest that you refrain from any kind of sexual activity for at least 1-2 days before the shoot. If you’re concerned about getting it up, there are over the counter supplements for men that can help. Because ejaculation is a big part of the scene, we may not be able to pay you as much, but don’t worry we still pay you the minimum amount we offered you to do the scene.

Can I bring in magazines or other material to help get me off? You’re welcome to bring in magazines or other materials to help you get off, though depending on the session they may have to stay off camera. We cannot guarantee there will be an outlet to play video or DVD’s, but you’re welcome to bring your favorite just in case.

What is your “no show” and tardiness policy? In this business, a lot of folks flake out at the last minute. If we schedule an interview, audition, or photo / video shoot and you don’t show and you don’t call within one hour of the shoot to cancel, I’m going to assume you either chickened out or are unreliable.       Since this is a money making venture for me and my time is valuable, you’ve also wasted my time. I’m willing to give one second chance with a really good excuse. Otherwise you go on my “blacklist” that I share with other photographer friends so you don’t waste their time either. Good luck finding reputable adult work locally if that’s what you really want to do.